Friday, June 5, 2009

Volume 2 Begins!!

Here we go, folks.......Volume 2 of the Tim Sale Travel Sketchbook is officially underway!

For those who are new to the project, here's a quick recap of our mission:

What it is: A group of friends and fellow Tim Sale board members have gotten together and decided to create a community sketchbook. Each participant will draw their piece in the book, and then pass it on to the next artist. Once everyone has completed their drawing, the book will go to Tim for safe keeping.

This idea was born on Tim's official message board while discussing the incredibly brilliant (and wonderfully bold) endeavor know as SketchTravel. Please check out to see why we were so inspired.

This blog will be updated with information, photos, rough sketches and the final drawings as each artist finishes. Please feel free to drop in on us and say hello at Tim's official site:


We've got some big plans for Volume 2, and some BIG names that have already agreed to participate. So stay tuned!!!

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