Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Used To Rule The World....

Steve "Coldplay" Edwards had a really tough act to follow....and he did so brilliantly!

Here's a look at his beautiful (and somewhat metro-sexual :) ) addition to the sketchbook:

His self portrait:

And some cool in-progress videos:

The Arrival

TravelSketch Part 1

TravelSketch Part 2

Great stuff, Steve! Our book is on the home stretch....and while it doesn't look like it's going to make it's way to Timmy before Baltimore, at least many of us get to look forward to seeing his face live when he opens it for the first time....maybe we can even get it on video.

Next up, The Ninja!


Brian said...

I really like your self-portrait Steve and I hope to someday see that come into being.

Nick Bed said...

Verrry cool Steve. I really like the concept of your self-portrait.

Btw, I have an itch to play around with pastels.

Lady J said...

Spectacular work, Steve. Makes me want to go check out California Adventure again. :D