Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Spreading The Love

Nick Bedford, our resident law student, all-around cool cat, and future presidential candidate, gets his swerve on with the latest addition to our book.

Nick's self-portrait:

Some in-progress shots:

And lastly, a special shout out:

Nick, I'll just go ahead and speak for all of us......the feelings are mutual, brother. Thanks.

Up next, Nick meets Francesco!


steve said...

Great work all around my friend. I'm partial to the Snoopy, but you probably would of guessed that anyways. I'm amazed and proud that you're able to do all you do during law school. A real inspiration.

Nick Bed said...

I had fun

Tim Sale said...

Did not know you had a love for Sparky Schultz, NB. But I admire you for it.

Thanks for your efforts and amazing contribution, man. The thoughtfulness is evident, as it is in everything you do.

Except, y'know, your ability to dive left.

Love ya.

fireboy said...

What an amazing contribution. Thanks for all the kind words and the wonderful drawing!

Yeah Snoopy!

Lady J said...

Aw, just know that the feeling is mutual. Congrats on such wonderful achievements, not the least of which is your artwork (Snoopy!). All the best, sir.

Brian said...

Great stuff Nick.

Snoopy was my favorite when I was a kid, but you are a close second.