Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kelly kicks us off in style!

The inaugural piece in the book is finished! And we're underway.....

The bar has been set wonderfully high with this little masterpiece by Ex-Clown Boy! Here are a couple of pics of Kelly's sketch table:

Pic 1

Up next......with a mighty toss across the ocean, our book lands in Australia.

Hey, Lauren, comin' atcha!


Lady J said...

What a great way to start the series. I love the colors! Dinolicious. ;)

(I also love the action figure in the background. Is it Abe Sapien?)

steve said...

Looks GREAT Kelly! Way to go man!

The bar has truely been set high!

Knock it out of there Lauren!

Neil Hill said...

What a great idea and a great inagrual sketch to get things kicked off!

Ya know, it's almost a misnomer to call some of these things sketches. They almost border on full illustrations- especially with color and inking involved. I guess the word 'sketch' has come to imply anything that isn't an illustration for pay, right?

Regardless, great first sketch!

Guido de Bue said...

You guys scare me i am not artist but lucky enough to be number three on the list.
So be warned

kelly tindall said...

Aw, you folks are sweet.

(Yep, that's Mr. Sapien.)