Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Guido Gets Some Help......

For the past couple of weeks our book found a home in the beautiful town of Breda....in the hands of our very own Guido de Bue. Guido made his contribution with this great self portrait:

For Guido's art assignment, he enlisted the help of professional Dutch artists Romano Molenaar & Yorg de Vos! Romano & Yorg were visiting the store that Guido manages in Breda, promoting their new book STORM (a famous Dutch Sci-Fi series).

Romano decided to keep with one of our themes for the book, and produced this wonderful self-portrait:

Yorg was up next, and as a fan of the European Western Strip "Blueberry", went with a gunslinger:

The book has been handed off to Cor.....and he's hard at work. Stay tuned!